Lego Fall Guys fan animation looks incredible in (stop) motion

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been recreated in stop motion Lego, and the result is pretty amazing.

Animator TheJumiFilm posted a short recreation of the Door Dash stage earlier this week, and it's faithful to both Lego and Fall Guys. It stars a smaller lobby of eight characters, including a hapless pig, unfortunate lizard, witless bunny, an evil slice of pizza, and what appear to be a few Power Rangers. 

It's not just that the Lego Fall Guys run, jump, and clamber realistically. The stage itself is presented well too, complete with unpredictably destructible doors, well-timed sound effects, and an intro sequence. But for me, the real selling point here is how well TheJumiFilm has depicted the different types of Fall Guys players. The pizza slice is that ankle-biter who always grabs people. The lizard is the unlucky victim who always gets grabbed. The rabbit somehow breezes through everything, to the point that you've half a mind to suspect them of hacking. And after messing up at almost every conceivable turn, the pig somehow sneaks in for a come-from-behind qualification. 

We've seen a ton of Fall Guys fanart crop up since the playful battle royale's release (some more terrifying than others), but this is the first stop motion animation I've seen. It's no small wonder why: this stuff is extremely difficult to do, to the point that this two-minute short took TheJumiFilm some three weeks to make. But boy, is it impressive to look at. 

The latest Fall Guys update improved the anti-cheat and added the one and only Big Yeetus. 

Austin Wood

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