Fall Guys mid-season update improves anti-cheat and adds the one and only Big Yeetus

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has just announced that the game’s first mid-season update is now live. In a tweet earlier today, the studio outlined a series of changes, headlined by anti-cheat efforts and a massive, spinning mallet dubbed ‘Big Yeetus’.

Several of the game’s levels have been ‘remixed’, and from what I can see, several look like they’ve been made significantly more challenging, with new obstacles that look to add a whole load of extra chaos to proceedings. The final stages of Fall Mountain, in particular, look far more tricky to navigate.

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Of course, nothing will be bringing the chaos as much as ‘Big Yeetus’. First teased earlier this month, there’s still little word as to how the new feature will work, but we do know that it’s a massive mallet capable of making or breaking your attempt to qualify from the gauntlet in a single swipe.

Elsewhere, Mediatonic is hoping things will run a little more smoothly, with increased stability when moving between rounds to help ensure fewer crashes. A few games will be changing up in different ways- some will have lower minimum player counts so you see them later in a game, while Fall Ball will be getting shorter.

The update also addresses the problem the game has had with cheaters since launch. Mediatonic has moved on from its own attempts at corralling cheats into their own servers, and has now implemented Epic Games’ anti-cheat technology, which should mean fewer games of Hex-a-Gone ruined by flying Jelly Beans.

Now that the update has dropped, how does our list of the best Fall Guys minigames hold up?

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