Fall Guys charity contest ends with a $1 million joint donation from Aim Lab, Ninja, Mr Beast, and G2

(Image credit: Aim Lab)

The "Battle of the Brands" Fall Guys charity competition has come to a close with a $1 million joint donation from Aim Lab, G2 Esports, Ninja, and Mr Beast. 

The Fall Guys Twitter confirmed the winning donation today. To get you up to speed, two weeks ago developer Mediatonic challenged the many brands eagerly posting Fall Guys mock-up skins to put their money where their mouth is and bid on donations to the UK charity Special Effect. The biggest donor would be immortalized through an in-game skin, and no matter the outcome, Special Effect would be able to help more people with disabilities play video games and improve their quality of life.  

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Because the winning donation was a group effort, Fall Guys is getting multiple branded skins. It's unclear when the branded skins will be released, and whether they'll all arrive at once, but Mediatonic says it will "now sort out the donations while our artists start to collab with the winners on their skins. We will include four costumes as a special thank you to the amazing people that made this possible." 

A week ago, the bidding reached $422,222 with a bid from YouTuber FGTEEV, who followed up with $510,000 just hours before today's winning bid. For the record, it seems that only Aim Lab, G2 Esports, Ninja, and Mr. Beast will be going through with their donations; the rest were seemingly just bids. 

"Your generosity will enable us to continue making gaming dreams come true for people with physical disabilities around the world," Special Effect said in a tweet addressed to the winning donors as well as the many others that bid. 

These branded skins may be introduced when Fall Guys season 2 kicks off this October.

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