EyeToy AntiGrav: Hoverboard in your own front room

After the cutesy mini-game compendiums that made up the first generation of EyeToy titles, Sony have revealed details of the first 'full' game for their hugely successful USB camera peripheral.

EyeToy: AntiGrav, which is currently being developed by Harmonix Music Systems, takes the classic future-extreme sports route of sending players down eight courses while strapped to a hoverboard.

Of course, this being an EyeToy game, rather than the usual joypad wrangling, you'll have to control your character by literally swerving around in front of your telly. You'll be able to manipulate steering, speed and even tricks thanks to special, er, armbands that enable players to activate EyeToy's colour tracking capabilities. So you're not going to look daft or anything.

EyeToy: AntiGrav is due to be released for PS2 in the autumn