Everything announced during the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet showcase, from Paldea to Fidough

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The latest Pokemon Presents just lifted the lid on a whole lot of details about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, from the role of the Legendary Pokemon to a small collection of new arrivals. With that in mind, here's everything that Nintendo announced during its latest livestream. 

New Scarlet and Violet Pokemon are adorable


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There were plenty of familiar additions to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex in the latest trailer, but the stars of the show are the the brand-new arrivals. Fidough, a tiny, bready dog that breathes yeast, and a regional form of the adorable Wooper are already capturing the hearts and minds of Pokemon fans, but there's also the massive, horned land whale Cetitan, an ice type Pokemon that it looks like you'll be facing off against in one of your gym battles.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet takes place in Paldea

Speaking of regional variants, we learned that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will take place in the Paldea region. While we didn't learn much more about the new location, it seems that its Spanish inspiration has been all-but confirmed, thanks to the use of two Spanish words in the trailer. 'Naranja' and 'uva' - the Spanish words for Orange and Grape - are the names of the academy your character will be attending. 

Legendaries are rideable mounts

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendary Pokemon

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When it comes to getting around Paldea, you won't be relying on a simple bike, or jumping on the back of some of the local avian wildlife. This time, you'll be using the Legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon to get around. It turns out that the draconic mons' vehicular style isn't just for show, and that they can transform into motorbikes, gliders, or even an aquatic vehicle to help you get around.

What's more, it sounds as though the duo will be relatively early additions to your team. It's not exactly clear when you'll get access to them, but it certainly doesn't seem as though they'll be a late game arrival, especially if you'll be stuck on your own two feet until you find them.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet story comes in three arcs

Getting around the world will also be a more complex process than before. The Paldea region has a lot of different biomes, much like any other region, but we also know that you'll have the option to tackle the gym challenge in whatever order you please, letting you criss-cross the land on a whim.

We also learned, however, that the gym challenge is only one part of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet story. There'll be three narrative arcs to explore, all contained within a broader 'Treasure Hunt' - an extra-curricular adventure set by the headteacher of the academy you enrol at in-game. Nintendo is keeping things quiet when it comes to the other stories, but implies that you'll be able to tackle each one independently of the others. 

As well as reintroducing the weirdly hot Pokemon professors of the Paldea region, Pokemon Presents also introduced Clavell, that aforementioned headteacher, and your home room/biology teacher, Jacq. Of course, a Pokemon game isn't complete without a rival, and it looks like you'll have more than one in Scarlet and Violet; Pneumonia is your classmate, while Arven is an older student with some very impressive hair. Finally, we meet the very shy Penny, and Ice-type gym leader Gucha, but there's also a broader gallery of characters we're yet to meet properly. 

Pokemon can 'Terrastelize'

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Modern Pokemon games also remain incomplete without a gimmick to help power-up your team, and Scarlet and Violet are no exception. This time out, it's the ability to Terrastelize. The mysterious process seems to encase your Pokemon in crystal, boosting the impact of their type and moveset. The twist, however, is that some 'mons will change type when they Terrastelize, adding an extra level of complexity to battle; a Normal-type Eevee could become a Water or Grass type, for example.

Interestingly, Terrastelization is available to all Pokemon, unlike the Dynamax or Mega Evolution systems that we've seen in recent games. Much like Sword and Shield's Dynamaxing, however, co-op will be available to let you conduct raids against powerful Pokemon who have used the abilities.

 Everything else announced during Pokemon Presents 

Scarlet and Violet were the main focus of today's show, but we also got word of some other Pokemon Projects. First up, Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite are being incorporated into the Pokemon World Championships, which return to London later this year after a three-year hiatus.

Pokemon Go Fest 2022 begins later this month, with a focus on Ultra Beasts. While the main event is set in Japan, you'll be able to play from anywhere in the world, and also take advantage of a new daily incense that'll help draw in Pokemon not traditionally found in your region. The story of the event promises to wrap up the tale of Professor Willow's mysterious disappearance.

Pokemon Unite is celebrating its first anniversary with an event that turns literally every Pokemon on the field into Pikachu. Elsewhere, we're getting Buzzwole as a new playable character, with three more arrivals scheduled throughout August.

Finally, Pokemon Masters Ex will be celebrating its own third anniversary, while a Very Hungry Mewtwo will be making its way to Pokemon Cafe Remix.

Can't wait? Here are the best Pokemon games to play before Scarlet and Violet. 

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