Everything announced at the Silent Hill stream

Silent Hill 2 Remake
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Looking for a clean round-up of everything announced at today's Silent Hill stream? Considering just how many exciting new projects were revealed, it's easy to lose track.

As you may well know, the Silent Hill rumor mill's been churning pretty violently for years now, but now we know what's actually in the works and, well, there's a lot. We wrote up individual stories on all the big news, and we've gathered up everything announced for your convenience right here. Here's everything Konami has up its sleeve in the deliciously creepy Silent Hill universe.

Silent Hill 2 Remake 

In this case, the rumors were (mostly) true: Medium and Layers of Fear studio Bloober Team is hard at work on a Silent Hill 2 remake. The project is being built in Unreal Engine 5 and will sport updated visuals and sound design, an overhauled combat system, town exploration free of loading screens, PS5 3D audio and DualSense support, and more. Thanks to new-gen SSDs, you can apparently explore the entire town without a single loading screen. It'll launch on PS5 as a timed exclusive and then come to other platforms, including Xbox, a year later.

Silent Hill f 

The curiously titled Silent Hill f is an entirely new Silent Hill game set in 1960's Japan and written by famed Japanese horror writer Ryūkishi07. Former Nintendo developer Motoi Okamoto is serving as producer while Neobards Entertainment, which is known for port work and the Resident Evil: Resistance and Re:verse multiplayer projects, is developing Silent Hill f.

Silent Hill Ascension 

Another brand new project in the Silent Hill universe, Silent Hill Ascension is being pitched as a "live real-time interactive series." It offers up a fresh take on the Silent Hill brand created by interactive livestream platform Genvid Technologies, Dead by Daylight studio Behaviour Interactive, and DJ2 Entertainment, which is known for movies and TV shows based on video games. The "communal horror" experience will let you decide the course of events with other fans and thereby change Silent Hill canon forever.

Silent Hill Townfall 

Here's yet another all-new Silent Hill game, this time from Stories Untold developer No Code and publisher Annapurna Interactive. Silent Hill Townfall is probably the most mysterious of all the Silent Hill stuff announced today, but that only makes it more exciting. The developer says it's doing something "a little bit different" with Silent Hill Townfall, and we can't wait to learn more next year.

Silent Hill 2 movie 

The 2006 Silent Hill movie certainly has its fans, and every one of those fans is probably shrieking with excitement right now, as Return to Silent Hill is a big screen adaptation of Silent Hill 2, and it's directed by Christophe Gans, who helmed the 2006 movie. 

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