Star Wars fans are suspecting one Acolyte character of having a dark history with Qimir

Manny Jacinto as the Stranger in The Acolyte episode 6
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Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Acolyte episode 6. Make sure you’ve seen it before reading on.

Qimir, or The Stranger, still has a whole lot of mystery around him, which was only deepened in the latest episode of The Acolyte. Bringing Osha to an unknown planet, he started trying to convince her to join him as his pupil, as well as giving her a few teases about his past. 

At one point, he reveals to her that he was a Jedi a "very long time ago", as well as showing off a very telling scar. "Looks like someone stabbed you in the back," Osha says when she asks him how he got it. "Someone who threw me away," Qimir responds, implying that it was his Jedi Master who gave it to him.

Now, while he doesn’t reveal who was responsible, some fans think the shape of the scar is very telling. It’s not quite straight, but it seems to be in a whip-like pattern – and who uses a light whip in this episode? Vernestra Rwoh

"Feels like we are watching the cover-up happen in real-time in this episode," wrote one fan on Reddit, as another pointed out: "Especially when it’s her fallen Padawan… (guessing here). Oh look Qimir looks like he has some kind of whip scars all over his back. Oh look Venessa casually whipped out a light whip just to show it off this episode."

A third agreed, adding that she seems suspicious: "Also, her behavior when they get to Khofar... she knows exactly what happened and who did it. It's why she insisted on personally investigating and keeping the council out of the loop as much as she can."

Redditors weren’t the only ones speculating about this either, as one Twitter user even placed the two moments together, and we’ve got to admit it seems pretty convincing. Check it out below.

Vernestra is one of the few existing Star Wars characters brought into live-action for this series, but as the actor previously told us, this is a very different version of the character than we’ve seen before. Could she be hiding her dark past with Qimir? Well, with just two episodes left, it seems like we’ll soon have our answers.

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