Star Wars fans have yet more theories about who Qimir's Sith Master is in The Acolyte

Qimir in The Acolyte
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The Acolyte episode 6 has only deepened the mystery surrounding Qimir's Sith Master – and Star Wars fans have more theories. 

The following will dive into spoilers for The Acolyte episode 6, so turn back now if you're not up to date! 

In the new episode, we learn that Qimir was once a Jedi, and this revelation, combined with the strange scar on his back, has led to fans speculating that Vernestra was once his Jedi Master (thanks to her fancy lightsaber whip). 

But what about his Sith Master? Well, Star Wars fans have theories. "He is likely connected to Tenebrous in some way," says one fan, referring to the Master of Darth Plagueis. "Maybe he's one of Tenebrous's candidates like in Legends. Maybe he's looking to kill Tenebrous which is why he was looking for an apprentice."

"When Osha asks if it was his Jedi Master that wounded his back and cast him out, he didn't say anything. I imagine it was actually his Sith Master, lends credibility to the Darth Venamis theory," says another person. Venamis was an apprentice of Tenebrous, being trained at the same time as Plagueis despite the rule of two. 

"There's also the cortosis mine connection, which is exactly where Tenebrous died in Legends…" points out someone else – Qimir's helmet is made of cortosis, a metal that makes lightsabers short out. 

"Qimir was Vernestra's apprentice who fell to the dark side," is another person's theory. "She tried to kill him like Obi-Wan tried to kill Anakin, but he managed to escape. He was eventually found by the Dark Lord of the Sith of this era and trained as his apprentice. He'll either still be the apprentice, or he'll have left that master as well to found a new order of dark side users (hence the Kylo Ren theme)."

We hopefully won't have long to wait to find out more about Qimir's Sith Master – The Acolyte has just two episodes remaining on Disney Plus. 

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