Mr. House will play a part in Fallout season 2 as the show heads to New Vegas

Ella Purnell as Lucy in Fallout
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News on Fallout season 2 has been few and far between since its renewal, but now we have confirmation that a major character from the games will return on Prime Video.

As per Variety, ‘fans can look forward to future conversations about Robert House’, the character first glimpsed in Fallout’s Vault-Tec flashbacks and who formed a significant part of 2010’s Fallout: New Vegas.

Mr. House, founder of RoboCo played by Anthony Misiano who went on to rule New Vegas, ‘will return for more episodes’. 

It's not yet known, however, if that means we are getting more glimpses from the pre-bomb days or if Mr. House survived in New Vegas. If it’s the latter, expect another canon controversy, as that will mean several ending choices in the Obsidian RPG would be rendered null and void by the TV show.

Intriguingly, IGN’s report on the Variety story includes a quote from showrunner Graham Wagner. It reads: "Many of our lead characters are Vegas-bound. Las Vegas in the world of Fallout is Robert House’s town. Robert House will be involved in Season 2."

As of writing, the quote has seemingly been removed from the initial piece and isn’t available to read via the Wayback Machine. 

The first season of Fallout ended with Kyle MacLachlan’s Power Armor-clad Hank making his way to the outskirts of New Vegas, with the Ghoul and Lucy hot on his tail after the reveal of his Vault-Tec origins and master plan.

A second season was announced shortly after the first season’s debut. What else can we expect? Well, in a word: deathclaws.

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