Alan Wake 2 director Sam Lake says "I love everything I have heard/seen" about Nic Cage's acclaimed horror movie Longlegs but can't find when it releases in his country

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Alan Wake 2 director Sam Lake is really keen on the idea of seeing the highly anticipated horror movie Longlegs but can't find information about when it comes out in his home country of Finland.

If you haven't been thoroughly crept out by the marketing campaign and trailers for Longlegs, starring a terrifying Nicolas Cage as the titular and elusive serial killer, then the movie itself is likely to do so when it releases on July 12. The movie has been hailed as "the scariest film of the decade" and debuted to critics with a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score.

As the hype around the release builds to a crescendo, entertainment journalist Kate Sánchez took to Twitter to share what she thought after seeing it ahead of release. Not only did Sánchez think it was "absolutely fucking great," they also name-dropped my favorite game of 2023 as a reference point. "To be honest, if you loved Alan Wake II this feels like the film you watch after."

The director of Alan Wake 2, Sam Lake, took notice and replied. Unfortunately, Lake lives in Finland where the release timing of Longlegs hasn't been made clear.

"I'm very much looking forward to seeing Longlegs," Lake said. "I love everything I have heard/seen so far. But I can’t find any info on when it’s going to be out here in Finland."

I have yet to have the fortune of seeing Longlegs, but I definitely can see how its plot and themes would strike a chord with fans of Alan Wake and of course Lake himself. It's a shame the movie's international release plans aren't publicly known, but here's hoping Lake will be able to see it in theaters before long.

Longlegs star Maika Monroe recently teased a "very unexpected and super interesting" sequel to the hit horror It Follows.

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