Metal Gear Solid movie gets a promising update after years of Codec silence: "I think everyone's going to be really excited and surprised"

Metal Gear Solid 3 Delta
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For the first time in years, we’ve received a new update on the Metal Gear Solid movie.

"We're working on the script some more, but I can't talk about it yet," producer Ari Arad told Brian Crecente’s Game newsletter on Substack (H/T IGN). 

On whether it’ll be the pinnacle of video game adaptations, he added, "I think everyone's going to be really excited and surprised. I think getting Metal Gear right will obviously be amazing because I think it's a lot more meditative than some of the other adaptations. Personally, I want it to be terrific."

First announced back in 2014 with Kong: Skull Island’s Jordan Vogt-Roberts on board as director and starring Oscar Isaac as Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid has been in limbo (or development hell, depending on your perspective) for some time.

It’s not yet clear if Isaac is still attached to the project. In October 2022, he told, "We want it to happen. Be excited.” 

He then cautioned: "What's the script? What's the story? What's the take?" but that he was "hopeful" that his "favorite" game would get the big-screen treatment.

As far back as 2018 – to give you an idea of how long the Metal Gear Solid’s creative process has been brewing – director Vogt-Roberts outlined his plan to embrace the stranger side of Hideo Kojima’s legendary stealth series.

"You know the beauty of Metal Gear and the reason I give our producers and the studio a ton of credit Is because I went in and said, 'Let's embrace the fact that this is weird.' Let's embrace the fact that there are supernatural elements to this game that are horror elements to this game," Vogt-Roberts told Screen Rant at the time.

Let’s hope the Metal Gear Solid movie peeks out of its cardboard box and unveils itself to the world very soon. A remake of Metal Gear Solid 3, titled Delta, is set for release in the near future and it will come with a ‘Legacy Style’ control scheme and visual filters that replicate the 2004 PS2 original.

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