Elden Ring’s Godric the Grafted boss slain by banana controller

(Image credit: SuperLouis64)

A controller modder has Elden Ring boss Godrick the Grafted using nothing but a collection of bananas. 

Creator SuperLouis64 took to Twitch to show off his homemade banana controller, which looks exactly like it sounds: a bunch of bananas wired up to corresponding buttons on a typical game controller. It might look delicious, but crafting it was nothing but, as SuperLouis64 tweeted, unappetizing. 

"Friendly reminder Bananas LEAK after using them," he wrote. "I repeat they LEAK AFTER PROLONGED USE." 

Still, he soldiered on long enough to pull off some seriously impressive moves during several play sessions, including one of which he showcased on Twitter. Using nothing but his makeshift banana controller, SuperLouis64 ended up beating the challenging boss Godrick the Grafted into a pulp. Delicious, banana-flavored pulp. 

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This isn't the first time this self-styled controller bender has tackled Elden Ring. Just a few days ago, SuperLouis64 posted a hilarious video to YouTube showcasing Elden Ring gameplay using the Ring Fit Adventure controller. As you can imagine, it's a demanding workout, but it works, if you can handle it.

Elden Ring isn't even the only game SuperLouis64 games with alternative controllers. He found a way to play Final Fantasy 7 Remake with a buster sword and even used the same Ring Fit Adventure controller to play Dark Souls 3. But this is the first time we've seen him dally with bananas. And as we can see, they certainly have a-peel for the content creator. 

Now that there's a new level of getting good to aspire to in Elden Ring, who's ready to break out the bananas?

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