A real-life buster sword is the best Final Fantasy 7 Remake controller

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Controller modder SuperLouis 64 has created a way to play Final Fantasy 7 Remake using an actual buster sword.

SuperLouis 64 is known for playing games in unconventional ways, from sprinting through Final Fantasy 14 with a Ring Fit to playing Demon's Souls with a Dance Dance Revolution pad, and this is one of his most ambitious and flavorful ideas yet. By strapping buttons and motion detectors to a model buster sword, SuperLouis has not only once again turned gaming into a workout, he's also built the ultimate Cloud role-playing tool in the process. "Kid me who pretended to be Cloud would be so proud," he said in a tweet. 

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Slashing with this modded buster sword causes Cloud to attack in-game, and SuperLouis can even hold a high guard stance to block attacks. For more precise inputs like changing party members, SuperLouis added buttons into the mix to mimic PS5 face buttons and triggers. This build is still a work in progress, but it's already more than functional. 

This buster sword model only weighs around four pounds, but SuperLouis says its small grip and hefty size make it feel much heavier in practice. "Part of the rebuild is to make the grip larger and padded so it's easier on the wrist," he explained in a Twitter reply. "Cloud must have some muscle muscle on him because after 30 minutes of swinging I had to take a break." 

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