Final Fantasy 7 Remake Materia - Chocobo and Moogle Materia and how to find it for their Summons

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Materia
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Getting to grips with Final Fantasy 7 Remake Materia is essential if you want to make progress through this adventure successfully, and two of these in particular – Chocobo and Moogle – stand out from the crowd as they are some of the hardest ones to track down. That's why we've answered the call and are here to help, so you can get these Materia along with the classic Summons involved. Be patient, as you have to reach Chapter 6 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake before you can do this, so don't try to rush on ahead. When you get there, we're ready to guide you to these two additional Materia so you can add them to your Materia stock.

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How to spot the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chocobo and Moogle Materia 

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At the very beginning of Chapter 6, if you do a spot of exploring in the first area, you'll likely stumble upon a Materia across the way that you can't get to on account of a collapsed bridge. Ignore this for now and proceed through the main scenario "The way to section H," which takes you to a ladder and up to a walkway with some ventilation fans that have you to cross in order to progress. 

Barret and Tifa will automatically head to it and start going across. As it's high up, and ventilation fans are powerful, and Tifa tells you not to look directly at the fans, but you're actually going to want to make sure you keep the camera facing them. Once you're near the third fan, Tifa will mention that she can see something and you're going to want to try to look at the fan where you can see a red Materia in the grate. This is where you first spot the Chocobo and Moogle Materia, which will now appear on your mini-map as a purple spot known as a "Discovery." 

Continue to move forwards for now and head to the Cargo platform, as you won't be able to get to the Materia until you've progressed through the main quest. The Cargo platform, of course, has no power, because nothing is ever that simple, right? In Chapter 6 you're tasked with restoring power to the platform by redirecting the power of three Sun Lamps. This is quite straightforward as the game will naturally guide you as to where you need to go in order to reach all three Lamps.

How to reach the collapsed passageway Materia 

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After you've headed up the stairs to the first Sun Lamp and turned on the switch, you'll notice that if you look to the right of the switch, you can see the Materia that you may have spotted earlier across the way. Ignore it for now, and keep continuing to head to the next Sun Lamp. The first switch you just turned on will power up a console that will allow you to move a bridge and proceed to the second Sun Lamp. Your map will also indicate where you need to go to reach each Lamp if you're ever unsure. 

After turning on the second Lamp, you'll want to make your way to the third and final lamp by heading down the ladder. Once down the ladder, you'll also notice another Materia you can't reach on top of a bridge structure, but once again, ignore it for now. Proceed across the now powered platform and take out the Sentry guns on the other side. You're then going to want to head left towards the teal main scenario goal on your minimap and go across another powered platform to the left again. 

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Once across, you should seem some cargo boxes and a chest and ladder on the right-hand side below the H-05 sign. Going down this ladder before you head to the final lamp will take you to a lower area where you'll be able to pick up both the blue collapsed passageway Materia, and the purple Materia on top of the bridge you spotted earlier. You'll have to fight two Queen Grashtrikes to reach it, so make sure you're healed up and ready. 

After you've taken out both enemies, head to the command console and lower the bridge to line it up with the platform. Cross over it and head to the furthest end to pick up the blue Elemental Orb Materia.  Head back to the command console and lower the bridge as low as possible. Doing so will bring the bridge down, so you'll be able to reach for the purple MP Up Materia. 

How to get the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chocobo and Moogle Summon Materia  

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After pulling the switch on the third and final lamp, head back the way you came and once again cross the powered platform to return the H-01 sign where the Cargo platform and vending machine is directly ahead. This location will also show up as the main quest marker so it's quite straightforward to get back to. Once you're back at the Cargo platform walk straight ahead past the cargo platform to a now powered platform on the opposite side. You'll know you're on the right one if Barret starts singing a little jingle about going to find some treasure once you get it moving (see the map above).

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This is where you'll find a ladder leading up to a utility room with a bench and vending machine, alongside a command console for the ventilation system. Heal up on the bench, and then I recommend saving at this point because the next part has a time limit. Once you engage with the command console, you'll notice the ventilation fans power down and once again see the Materia you're after. 

A timer will start, and you have exactly one minute to take out two Sentry guns up above and a Queen Grashtrike, before you can use the other command console on the opposite side of the room and carry out the Maintenance access procedure to reach the Summon Materia. I managed to do this with just 3 seconds to spare, so it can be tight. 

Once you've successfully reached the console, you'll be able to go through the door and into the back of the ventilation fan to pick up your well deserved Chocobo and Moogle Summon Materia. Huzzah! 

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