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Visiting Elden Ring Golden Seeds locations will help you upgrade your Sacred Flask for extra glugs of Crimson and Cerulean Tears. Golden Seeds are therefore really important items to keep an eye out for, helping you ensure you're in top shape as you explore and battle bosses in Elden Ring - look out for the small, golden tree saplings that look like teeny-tiny Erdtrees, and you'll probably find a Golden Seed or two. Finding them is especially important in the late game as your flask requires more and more Golden Seeds with each upgrade, until you need to consume five of them for a single extra flask swig. While we've not found every single seed, we've listed and marked the easy and obvious Golden Seeds locations in Elden Ring for a reliable boost to your flasks.

All Golden Seeds locations in Elden Ring

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We've found these 17 Elden Ring Golden Seed locations from all over the Lands Between that’ll get you 20 Golden Seeds in total – that’s enough to get you to 12 Sacred Flask uses in total. It's obviously not every Golden Seed in Elden Ring, so you'll no doubt find a few more not marked here as you play. Some you’ll reach through natural story progression, but you can access certain areas just by exploring in your own time too. As such, they do not need to be found in the order that they are listed:

  1. Stormhill – Unless you chose to start with a Golden Seed, this will likely be the first one all players find. As you go through the giant gate by the Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace, follow the path all the way up the hill and the golden sapling will be on the right.
  2. Stormhill Shack – Speak to Roderika in the shack and exhaust her dialogue to begin her quest. Go to Stormveil Castle and find the Chrysalids' Memento item - it's on a pile of bodies in a room near the Grafted Scion. Return to Roderika and give her the memento, then visit her in the Roundtable Hold. She’ll give you a Golden Seed for your efforts.
  3. Stormveil Castle – One Golden Seed can be found within a courtyard of the castle with a giant Troll nearby.
  4. Fringefolk Hero’s Grave – You’ll find one by defeating the boss inside this dungeon area near the start of the game. Learn more about accessing this place with our Elden Ring Stonesword Keys guide.
  5. Fort Haight – A small golden sapling will be just outside the fort.
  6. Near Castle Morne – This Golden Seed can be found around some rocks just north of Castle Morne. You’ll find this castle in the Weeping Peninsula area of the map, which is south of West Limgrave where you start the game.
  7. Caelid – On the main road to the east of the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.
  8. Bestial Sanctum – On the main road leading up to the sanctum on the northest point of Caelid.
  9. Academy Gate Town – You can find a Golden Seed within the ruins of the sunken Academy Gate Town near the Raya Lucaria Academy.
  10. Raya Lucaria Academy – There are two Golden Seeds within the academy. One can be found after meeting and helping Yura. The other can be found in the courtyard after facing a wolf boss.
  11. Ravine-Veiled Village – There’s a flooded ravine to the north of the academy with a village at the end. You’ll find a Golden Seed on a small island in the water not far from the village.
  12. Altus Plateau – Just north of the Atlus Highway Junction Site of Grace where the road forks.
  13. Leyndell Outer Wall, main entrance – Once you’ve gone along the main path, fought or ridden past the two Tree Sentinels, and then crossed the outer wall into Leyndell, there will be a Site of Grace with a sapling nearby. This sapling has two Golden Seeds, so don’t miss out.
  14. Leyndell Outer Wall, near inner wall – Follow the paved path from the main entrance and previous Golden Seeds to find another golden sapling near the Leyndell Inner Wall. This sapling also holds two Golden Seeds!
  15. Altus Plateau, Minor Erdtree – A golden sapling can be found north-northwest of the Minor Erdtree in this area.
  16. Mount Gelmir, Seethewater River – You can find a Golden Seed north of the Seethewater River Site of Grace. Look northwest of Wyndham Ruins or near the Gelmir Hero’s Grave.
  17. Mount Gelmir, near Volcano Manor – There is a golden sapling northwest of Volcano Manor with a Golden Seed.

How to upgrade your Flasks in Elden Ring

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Strengthening Weapons in Elden Ring

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Want to ensure your offense is as good as your defence? Check out our guide on how to strengthen weapons in Elden Ring to their full potential here.

After collecting Elden Ring Golden Seeds, you can head to any Site of Grace, rest, and choose the ‘Flasks’ option from the menu. Now choose the ‘Add charge to flask option’ and spend any of your Golden Seeds to permanently give yourself extra swigs of your Sacred Flask on top of your starting four, assuming you have enough seeds.

To fully upgrade your Sacred Flasks in Elden Ring you'll have to find a total of 30 Golden Seeds (There are actually more than 30 Golden Seeds in Elden Ring, but any extras you find can't be used for anything). At first, you’ll find that one Elden Ring Golden Seed always gives one extra use of your Sacred Flask, but soon you'll need multiple seeds for each extra flask upgrade, like so:

  • 1 Golden Seed each to unlock 5th and 6th Sacred Flask uses
  • 2 Golden Seeds each to unlock 7th and 8th Sacred Flask uses
  • 3 Golden Seeds each to unlock 9th and 10th Sacred Flask uses
  • 4 Golden Seeds each to unlock 11th and 12th Sacred Flask uses
  • 5 Golden Seeds each to unlock 13th and 14th Sacred Flask uses

Keep track of how many you seeds you need, and once you have enough for an upgrade, finding a Site of Grace to use them should be your main priority. That extra swig of Tears could be what helps you live or die in your next encounter! Bear in mind that the Sacred Flask in Elden Ring has health and magic-restoring abilities, so you might want to reallocate your flask uses between healing Crimson and magic-restoring Cerulean to better suit your playstyle whenever you get more.

Also note that Elden Ring Golden Seeds do not reinforce your flasks to improve their restorative capabilities – you’ll need to find Sacred Tears for that. You should also take a look at some Elden Ring Rune farming locations so that you can pool more points into your Vigor or Mind Attributes to boost your maximum HP and FP respectively.

While you can find a couple of Golden Seeds in the first few hours, you can also start with a Golden Seed as one of the Elden Ring Keepsakes when creating your character. Picking it will give you a decent head start for the first few bosses that you’ll face, and you could have as many as seven Sacred Flask uses by the time you need to know how to beat Margit in Elden Ring.

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