Elden Ring players discover ingenious way to reveal hidden walls

Elden Ring Margit fell omen boss fight
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Elden Ring players are using Margit's Shackle to reveal hidden walls and disable fire-breathing traps.

Just below, you can see a post from the Elden Ring subreddit where one player demonstrates how Margit's Shackle isn't functioning quite as intended. It turns out that using the shackle while in the vicinity of invisible and hidden walls actually unveils the hidden pathways, causing the walls to completely evaporate.

For reasons known only to FromSoftware, players can use the item whenever they suspect there's in invisible wall nearly to destroy it with ease, which beats hacking away at it endlessly and wondering if you're not hitting it correctly.

This isn't the only weird use of Margit's Shackle, either. It can also be used to disable those pesky fire-breathing traps in dungeons. Usually you'd need to run up to them and give the traps a good whack, disabling them and sending them back into the ground. Margit's Shackle is a handy way around this, letting you turn off the traps from a safe distance.

There's no clear reason why Margit's Shackle affects walls and traps, but we do have one theory. The item is nominally meant to stun Margit in his boss fight, so it could be that the shackle sends out an invisible shockwave-type attack when activated, as it would need to theoretically spread out over an entire boss arena to actually catch Margit and knock him down to the ground temporarily.

It could be that this shockwave is unintentionally catching traps and hidden walls in its wake, activating them by effectively 'hitting' them the same way the device 'hits' Margit to bind him. That's just a working theory, and we're not saying by any means that this is what is actually going on, but it's interesting to speculate what could be causing this.

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