Elden Ring glitch lets you fly around on your horse, but you need to sacrifice the poor steed first

A newly discovered Elden Ring glitch lets you take to the skies atop your horse.

As explained by YouTube channel EZScape clips & VODs, Elden Ring's flying horse glitch is pretty dang tricky to pull off, but you can see it in action in the above video. The glitch hasn't been extensively tested yet, and as such there are only a couple of locations it's been seen to work. EZScape recommends trying it out atop the Northwest ledge of the Bestial Sanctum, just outside Volcano Manor.

Once you're in the right location, you'll want to mount your horse and start riding uphill with the location's death barrier below you. Just before you plummet to your death, you'll need to rather cruelly abandon Torrent by spamming L3 and jumping to the nearest ledge. Now, while you think about what you've just done, try to summon the horse again. It'll cost you a Flask of Crimson Tears and Torrent won't show up immediately, but if you lined up everything perfectly, you'll be able to summon your steed once more and fly off the ledge. If the glitch works, you won't fall to your death and will instead be able to fly around the map like the Elden Lord you are.

The glitch is obscure enough that it seems it's only now getting noticed, but there's still a good chance FromSoftware will take notice and patch it out. For that reason, if you've ever dreamed of flying around on Torrent in Elden Ring (and who hasn't?), now's the time to give this glitch a shot.

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