Aaron Paul reveals that Netflix bought out an entire theatre just so [SPOILER] could return for their cameo

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If you’ve seen El Camino, you’ll know it features a treasure trove of callbacks and cameos. One such return to the Breaking Bad universe required Netflix to go above and beyond so things went as smoothly as possible in production – and that involved snapping up a literal theatre’s worth of tickets to their play to cover the production shutting down.

Spoilers for El Camino follow…

The cameo, of course, is Bryan Cranston’s big return as Walter White, via a flashback in the final act of the movie. At the time, however, he was performing in Network on Broadway. So, to get him to New Mexico for the shoot some concessions had to be made, as Aaron Paul revealed to GamesRadar+ during a recent roundtable in London.

Of the plan hatched to get Cranston on set, Paul said, “They actually had to shut down a day. I think Netflix ended up buying up all the seats in the theatre for one day… at least that’s the rumour. So, they flew Bryan in on a private plane to make sure no questions were asked.”

The secrecy didn’t stop there. Paul also mentioned lengths the cast had to go to ensure nothing was leaked, which involved wearing, “these big cloaks heading to set, which I always thought brought more attention - but apparently it worked!”

So, if you had your heart set on going to Broadway that day, just know it was all for a good cause.

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