Aaron Paul on the El Camino deleted scene he "fought" to keep in the final movie

El Camino
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Not everything makes the final cut. That was the case even for the super-secretive El Camino. The Breaking Bad movie was originally “two hours, 57 minutes” Aaron Paul tells GamesRadar+ at a recent roundtable in London. The actor also reveals he fought for one El Camino deleted scene in particular that eventually ended up on the cutting room floor.

“There’s quite a bit that was taken out,” Paul says when asked about the El Camino deleted scenes. “There’s a… I don’t want to give too much away because hopefully, who knows, one day there could be an unedited version out. There’s a whole other alternate ending. A big chunk that was taken out post-leaving Kandy Welding. I would love to see that slip back in.” referring to the shootout between Jesse and Neil in the final third of the movie.

“I fought. I fought for it. It actually had a lot to do with Robert Forster,” before paying tribute to the late actor (who played Ed in both Breaking Bad and El Camino) who died last week. “I think the world would love to see that.”

While Paul may have been reluctant to share the specifics of the deleted scene, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan wasn’t so reticent. He told EW: “There was this whole other scene with Robert in the movie originally where he finds Jesse hiding out behind his vacuum store the next morning. And there’s this moment, a silent reaction where Jesse pops up the trunk of his Fiero and there’s all this money in it. There’s this close-up we got of Robert where he’s staring down at this truck full of money. It was just so perfect.”

Perhaps we’ll get to see the extended cut Paul mentions in the near future. Until then, tide yourself over with our extended look at the major El Camino Easter eggs to go and discover for yourself second time round.

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