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$18.99 for an Echo Dot means I'm leaving Google for Alexa's charms

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Sorry, Google, I really tried to make it work, but your increasing confusion between the word 'off' and 'on' when I'm trying to use voice-activated lights is driving me insane and I've decided to give Alexa a second chance. I know your search engine is far superior, but the Amazon Echo Dot is down to $18.99 for the rest of the day and I'm totally in.

That's right folks, despite my smarthome being run by a Google Home Mini for a few years now, I'm heading back to Alexa via this super cheap third-gen Amazon Echo Dot. The last time I spoke to Alexa (an older version years ago) I asked what the Man City score was she told me "a man is a type of human" and I haven't been back since. Fingers crossed things have changed!

From what I hear, Amazon's Alexa smart assistant has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and I could never really gel with Google's "Hey, Google" activation system which is way more clunky than just saying 'Alexa' to wake your smart speaker.

The Echo Dots aren't the only Echo deals still going in today Amazon Prime Day deals, but stock is running low on some of them and you might have to wait a bit longer for delivery. The deals end at midnight PT and GMT by the way. Check out the latest offers below. As always, you'll need to be a Prime member to benefit from these deals, but you can just sign up for the free trial if you haven't used it yet.

The Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker is a great all-round device. Activated via Alexa-enabled voice commands, you can ask it questions to save you the bother of picking up your phone. Weather, sports scores, news updates, anything you can think of really. You can even use it to order takeaway, and turn on smart lighting or heating. It's a decent music speaker too, and ideal for voice-requesting tunes.

You can see the savings on that Echo Dot and many more devices below.

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