Duplicity Trailer Is Here

The trailer for Duplicity, the new drama from Michael Clayton writer-director Tony Gilroy, has gone online.

The plot finds a pair of former spies (Julia Roberts as an ex-CIA operative and Clive Owen as a one-time MI6 agent) who strike up a relationship and hatch a plan to swindle corporations for millions.

To do so, they both get jobs as security consultants for a pair of companies engaged in a tight products race. The big question is, can they trust each other?

Ocean’s 11 breeziness

Anyone expecting the sombre tones of Michael Clayton should look else where as the footage points to Gilroy letting loose something more akin to Ocean’s 11-style breeziness.

That said, there looks like plenty of risk involved as the two lovers spar and jab at each other, never knowing quite who to trust.

But any film that puts Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti together as a couple of duelling titans of industry gets our vote.

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