You get rewarded if you dance with friends or strangers in The Division 2 and it’s all very wholesome

With The Division 2  alive and kicking for special edition owners (don’t worry, the rest of you only have to wait another day to play it), many are already enjoying the delights of a post-pandemic Washington DC. You can show your joy at striding through ruined streets (ok, maybe joy is the wrong word) by dancing around, and if you get your friends or even an utter stranger to dance with you, there’s a nifty reward in the game’s Commendations menu.

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Commendations in The Division 2 are challenges that the game secretly tracks, and once you complete them there’s a ton of points bestowed upon your helmeted head. Most of them are pretty obvious - reviving teammates, killing an elite enemy in under a minute, that kind of thing. But in the Teamwork part of the Commendations menu you can find challenges that are a lot more wholesome and encourage you to actually cooperate with teammates in a way that goes beyond just shooting the same enemy together. 

The two that stand out the most are the Peacock Award and the Synchronisation Award. The Peacock Award is just as flamboyant as the bird it’s named after: you have to dance in a public area with another player, but they don’t have to be a friend - they could be an utter stranger. Aww. The Synchronisation Award is a bit harder, especially if you’re playing with randoms, as it requires four players to do the same emote simultaneously. That would be hard even with friends and mics. But hey, give it a go and see if you can tick these Commendations off your list!

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