Disney Plus removes a much-loved Marvel show without warning

Marvel's Runaways
(Image credit: Disney)

Marvel’s Runaways is one of the first victims of the Disney Plus content purge. The beloved series, which follows a group of teenage superheroes, has been removed from the streaming platform without any notice to viewers.

All three seasons of the Hulu original were taken off along with several other shows including Willow and Y: The Last Man in a cost-cutting measure. There were reports that the streamer was culling several original movies and shows, but at the time not all of them had been named. This means the news came as a surprise to some viewers who were in the middle of streaming it on the platform. 

"Ok so I'm not going insane then. We were watching it last night and at 12:45am error message and it's gone," wrote one on Reddit. "Checked every site announcing 'things leaving Hulu' and it wasn't listed so I went to bed doubting what's left of my sanity."

Others reacted with similar stories, including another fan who wrote: "When I got Disney Plus they only had the first two seasons, and I binged them. Only a couple weeks ago I noticed they had finally added season 3, and I was planning to watch it soon. But I've just checked- and yup! It's gone. Bullshit. They make this stuff hard to watch."

Indeed, what makes the news about the removal of Runaways even worse is that it never received a physical media release. This means it’s just got a lot harder for Marvel fans – or newcomers to the show – to be able to watch it at all. 

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