Diablo 4's first Battle Pass doesn't give enough Platinum for the cheapest store item, let alone the next pass

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The Diablo 4 Battle Pass gives you enough Platinum to almost buy the cheapest item in the in-game store.

The debut seasonal pass for Diablo 4 just went live yesterday, July 20, with the start of Season 1, and it's already not looking positive for player feedback. Players have discovered that the pass offers a maximum Platinum payout of 666 Platinum, and while that's a cute reference, it's not actually enough to purchase a single item from the in-game store.

The Battlepass Gives 666 Platinum. The Cheapest Item in the Store is 800 Platinum. from r/diablo4

It's the Premium Battle Pass that pays out the 666 Platinum. As our own resident Diablo 4 grinder confirmed, that's via 10 payments of 60 Platinum and then one final Platinum pay out of 66 that unlocks once you reach level 84 of the Premium Battle Pass. This not only isn't enough to cover any in-store items, as the cheapest item in rotation is 800 Platinum, it also unfortunately isn't enough to pay for the Battle Pass in Season 2.

Battle Passes paying out enough microtransaction currency for the next pass is pretty common practice in live-service games. Take Apex Legends or Fortnite for example, both of which will give you enough premium currency for another Battle Pass purchase if you max out all the levels of your current one.

Players ain't pleased with the discovery, that's for sure. "With what, 30 items in the store(?), you'd expect you'd be able to buy at least one of them. Then again, all expectations are out the window with this company," the top comment under the above Diablo 4 subreddit post reads, in reference to both developer Blizzard and publisher Activision.

It's just another day and another bad discovery for Diablo 4 players at this point. Blizzard knows its player base doesn't like the recent 1.1.0 patch, and they're planning a broadcast later today, July 21, to address the concerns players have.

You can check out our guide on how to complete Chapter 1 of the season journey in Diablo 4 for helpful hints if you're stuck.

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