Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred doesn't feature returning Paladin or Witch Doctor classes as Blizzard feels "responsible to offer new ways to play"

Diablo 4 Season 2
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Upcoming Diablo 4 DLC the Vessel of Hatred expansion isn't bringing back older classes because Blizzard feels "responsible to offer new ways to play."

Speaking to GamesRadar+ in a new interview, Diablo 4 associate game director Brent Gibson addresses why older fan-favorite classes, like Paladin and Witch Doctor, won't be returning to Diablo 4 when Vessel of Hatred launches next year. "I think rewinding to what our goal was with the main game is important," Gibson says. 

"So we did a really good job at delivering five classic classes, the very specific power fantasies to those were really important – we wanted to get them right," the associate game director continued. "I feel like we did an amazing job at delivering those."

Gibson then reveals that when it came to planning Vessel of Hatred, the Diablo 4 development team found themselves at a "crossroads" - should they do the same thing again, or offer something new? "The team talked about it a lot, and we really feel responsible to offer new ways to play, right?" Gibson continues. "So we've made the decision to go with something new. And so that that's kind of the heart of where we're at."

What the expansion will offer is one brand new class, and Nahantu, a fan-favorite location returning from all the way back in Diablo 2. Considering Diablo 4's Season 2 offered new Vampire powers last month, there's also the hope of new seasons potentially adding in something Paladin and Witch Doctor-like, which we'll have to keep our fingers crossed for.

Diablo 4's seasons will overlap with new expansions, so don't worry about Vessel of Hatred canceling out any seasonal content.

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