Destiny 2: Xur location, weapons and armour Nov 17-20th. Should you buy Hardlight?

Xur's returned to the fold in Destiny 2 this week, and he's brought an exotic rifle with him! It's a returning weapon from the first Destiny, but don't let it's age belie you; this one's a beauty. Xur's also got Lucky Raspberry chest armour for Hunters, Syntheoceps Titan gauntlets, and Karnstein Armlets for the Warlock.

Check out the video for more info on everything Xur's got, including prices and each of their their individual stats. And, don’t forget, he'll be around until the weekly reset on Tuesday. 

Where is Xur this week? 

Xur's on Titan this week, within the main rig, so head there to get started. After you spawn, head left and hop down the ledge up ahead. You'll need to descend a flight of stairs before taking another hard left inside a darkened room, where he'll be waiting for you, ready to do business with another valued customer. 

Should you buy Hard Light?

The short answer? Absolutely. The auto rifle can ricochet its bullets off of any hard surfaces, and boasts no damage drop over distance, making it perfect for both long and close range encounters. With its big, friendly red dot sight, high calibre rounds, and near undetectable kickback, Hard Light's also a strong contender in The Crucible, so PvP regulars are definitely going to want to pay Xur a visit this weekend to pick it up.