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Combustion gave us our first taste of a full Destiny story mission. Now, we get to see first totally new planet in the sequel. Just punch up the Director, select destinations, and go to Titan.

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Destiny 2 - Titan: Hope

Level Recommendation: Level 4, Power Rating 50

The mission begins with some exceptionally light platforming on an ocean rig. Just jump and sprint forward while enjoying the rock of the structure, as well as Zavala and Sloane’s exposition. If you’re with a fireteam, try not to jump onto the more precarious pipes all at once. Respawning isn’t restricted, but bumping into each other in midair still isn’t fun.

The second of two large, red columns features your first obstacle: some nasty goo curtains. Punch or shoot it to proceed, newly armed with the knowledge that Titan is yet another Hive-infested moon.

Jump your way up the inside of the pipe and shoot the next batch of Hive muck to exit. When you get to the door marked with a massive “KEMPHAAN” stencil, you’ll know you’re about to enter a Restricted Zone.

Naturally, the Hive aren’t far behind. Although it’s just some easily dispatched Thralls to start with, try not to let them swarm you up close. Just like in the first game, it’s easy to think you’ve got them under control, only to realize two or three of them are still slapping you from just outside your field of view. Rapid-fire weapons, like submachine guns, and grenades are especially useful.

Once you clear the rig’s interior, it’s time for more jumping. Hop up to the walkway right outside the door and you’ll see it continues to your left, albeit with several gaps you’ll need to jump over.

Follow it all the way back inside another part of the structure. Another Restricted Zone warning will tell you that you’re about to meet Acolytes: the Hive’s ranged footsoldiers. They’re as vulnerable to headshots as anything, so deal with them and push through. Eventually, you’ll stand over a massive, inoperative ventilation fan. Drop through it back to the exterior.

More Acolytes will swarm in from the lower level of the platform you’re now standing on. That’s the direction you want to go. Follow it to a set of unstable looking stairs that lead to another gap that must be jumped over.

That will take you back indoors, where three Thralls are worshipping a glyph on the ground. Said glyph summons Destiny 2’s first Knight. These bruisers aren’t very dangerous on their own, but their ability to summon shields and heal is quite annoying. If this one tries it, loop around to plug him in the back while he’s preoccupied. In future fights, Knights will be priority targets during Hive combat. The splash damage from their cannons is no joke.

Proceed towards where the Hive infestation is most prominent - near a window to the outside world. There’ll be another ritual with more Knights, as well as Acolytes this time. There’s plenty of cover, so use it to skirt around the foes.

When you’re done, hang a right at the window towards the blue light. Follow it to a thin, wrecked service tunnel hanging over the ocean. When you reach the next open area it’ll be time for a fight. Knights, Thralls, and Acolytes will spill out in fairly manageable numbers. There isn’t much high ground to fight from, however, so use the shipping crates and columns strewn over the area to manage them even further.

You’ll be directed towards a small, circular door. It’s hard to miss, because it’s also filled with giant, glowing eggs that explode when shot. You need to destroy them all, but luckily they’re very fragile. Destroying one usually causes a chain reaction, so you can save a bullet by not getting too trigger happy. Oh, and watch out for the Thralls and a Knight or two.

When the eggs are gone, there’s only one other exit from the room - immediately opposite the one you came in. Take it and you’ll be met with a gantlet of Knights and Acolytes; first indoors and then in another wide-open area. The same rules apply as in the previous open-air fight.

From there, just follow your marker to the proper door panel and head inside when you can. Zavala and Sloane will want a word with you, because it’s time for you to start Riptide, Destiny 2’s second mission on Titan.

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