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Destiny 2’s third expansion, Forsaken, takes place on the Tangled Shore, which will look familiar to anyone who explored The Reef in the original Destiny. Comprising of eight missions, the expansion will keep Guardians in this new setting for the entirety of its runtime, and you’ll find walkthroughs for every single one here.

That includes the first, Last Call, which starts with a classic Bungie-style bang. To start the mission, head to the Tangled Shore, which begins Forsaken's opening cut-scene and transports you to the new Prison area.

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Destiny 2: Forsaken - Tangled Shore: Last Call

Enter the prison and “Quell the Riot” by essentially taking out every Fallen, Cabal, and Hive inmate you come across in the first room. These guys will all be fighting each other, so you won’t have too much bullets in your direction to deal with. You can even wait the riot out a few minutes before finishing off any survivors, like a lazy vulture, though do watch out for will be the mini Cabal boss who will naturally last until the final stand. 

With the riot quelled, venture through the hole in the wall and rendevouz with Petra, who’ll ask you to activate the security hub. Following your marker will lead you to a giant corridor filled with more inmates, mostly Cabal Legionaries and Phalanxes or Fallen Dregs and Wretches, with a few Hive enemies towards the end for good measure. Again, they’ll be distracted in their fights against each other so greatly that pushing through to the end of the corridor should be a cakewalk for any experienced Guardian. Eventually, you’ll face a Wizard mini boss backed by hordes of Thrall (standard and cursed), and defeating them give you access to move on to the security hub. 

Talk to Cayde-6 and head through to the next part of the mission. This area - which you’ll have to clear of enemies in order to progress - contains an Ogre boss, so focus on him first before taking out the smaller foes, and watch out for that ultra powerful laser beam continually emanating from his eyes. With the room cleared, scan the console on your marker, which opens the door in front and begins the next objective; namely, clearing debris and killing Hive. 

You’ll be closed off in a small room, and tasked with shooting both the waves of enemies coming at you, and any glowing rocks found on the floor nearby, clogging up the wiring of the security hub network. Rinse and repeat five times, watching out for those pesky Cursed Thrall, and Cayde-6 will direct towards another security terminal, which you’ll need to activate by following your marker to the checkpoint. There will be more Hive and Cabal enemies along the way (including a Cabal mini boss), but the prison’s security turrets should make quick work of them for you, at least during the first section. 

Activating the security system will trigger a cutscene and take you to the final part of the mission, where you’ll have to rescue Cayde from certain death. Investigate the emptied pod just ahead of your new spawn point and follow the trail of ether, which will lead you to your first encounter with the Scorn, specifically the Ravagers. These guys will run at you with flaming lanterns for close quarters combat, so take them out before they get near enough to deal any lasting damage.  

You’ll need to keep following the ether trail (a.k.a. your marker), fighting Scorn Ravagers and Raiders (who can teleport and fire homing discs towards anyone from a mid-range distance) along the way to the level’s final area. Beware of the bit where you'll have to shoot at a vent cover to enter its passageway, plus the obligatory section in the dark with Screebs. These are basically the Scorn’s version of Cursed Thrall, running at you before self imploding but, unlike Thrall, Screeb crawl on all fours, making them slightly more difficult to kill. Try to take them out when in close proximity to each other for a gratifying, chain reaction multi-kill. 

Last Call ends with a boss fight in a Restricted Zone (i.e. dieing will restart the level at the last checkpoint) with a Demented Abomination, one of Destiny 2 Forsaken’s new, ultra powerful foes. He’s a slow, hulking brute with lots of health and a ranged lightning attack, so now’s a good time to active your super, chuck your grenades, and essentially throw anything you’ve got to eat away at his life bar before he can deal any major damage to yours, using the generous sections of cover to protect yourself from that aforementioned thunder. 

Beware, there will also be Scorn adds protecting him, so pick them off to reduce your chances of being overcome by their combined firepower.Defeating the Abomination will end the level and kickstart that cut-scene with Cayde-6 and new baddie Uldren. Get the tissues out, pay your respects, and get ready to start your revenge quest for the next mission in Destiny 2: Forsaken’s campaign, High Plains Blues.

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