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Now that you've met Ana Bray in Ice and Shadow, it's time to help her out on Mars in tackling this new threat that has suddenly emboldened the Hive. 

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Destiny 2 Warmind - Mars: Pilgrimage

Head back to Mars (or stay there, if you've just completed the last mission), and follow your waypoint through the Braytech Futurescape facility to clear a path for Ana Bray. 

This will require pushing through several Red Legion Cabal adds, including Psions, Legionaries, War Beasts, Gladiators, Phalanxes, and a mini boss to cap it all off, so it would be a good time to deploy your super. Once you've killed them all, your first objective will be complete, and you can rendezvous with Ana at your waypoint. 

She'll open up a door that leads through to Aurora Reach, where you'll need to clear a second path to Clovis Bay. It's Hive you'll be clearing out this time: Acolytes, Knights, Wizards, and Thrall. 

Once you continued upwards far enough, you'll spot another Hive mob with an Ogre leading the pack, but wait just a few seconds and Rasputin himself will help you out with a well timed Valkyrie blast, decimating the group in one hit. 

Here's where things get fun: you can interact with the Valkyrie orb to obtain a special throwing/melee weapon that can be used to make quick work of the Hive enemies ahead. It can be thrown or slammed on the ground for explosive attacks, and if the weapon runs out, just find the nearest recharge orb to get yourself a new one.

There's a lot of Hive foes beyond here, including several bosses, but given how much area-of-effect damage the Valkyrie spear can deal, you'll more than capable of taking them all out. Upon killing the last enemy, the door to the Rasputin's Core will open, and you can head inside.  

This will begin another cut-scene, at which point the mission will come to a close, setting the stage for the next quest in the Warmind DLC, Off-World Recovery.

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