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Now that we’ve secured Mercury’s lighthouse in The Gateway (opens in new tab), it’s time to head to Earth to see if we can wake up Osiris’ poor little Ghost. 

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris - EDZ: A Deadly Trial 

Travel to the Trostlands and follow your marker to the mission’s activation flag. 

Once you’ve started, head to Maevic Square, take out a couple of Fallen Dregs, and hop on a Pike to follow the marker until you reach the Fallen Walker boss, who you’ll need to take out with your Pike cannons in order to proceed through the tunnel behind him. 

Keep driving through Hangman’s Pass, but watch out for the rigged explosive traps in the second tunnel, and bear in mind that lots of Fallen will be shooting you as you go.

You’ll reach a radio tower, which is a restricted zone. You’ll have to ascend your way up it, but there’ll be Dregs, Vandals, Captains, and Servitors along the way, so don’t be too ballsy in your push. 

Near the top of the tower is a small crevasse that you need to jump into to get inside. It’s dark, and there’s a few Fallen to pick off, but move forward and you’ll reach the temple, where you must revive Sagira by activating the device in the corner. 

Good job, Guardian! You’ve completed the mission. The story isn’t over yet, though; it’s time to venture back to Mercury with the third mission, Beyond Infinity

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