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Despite your best efforts in Looped, Cayde-6 still needs help getting out of his rather unique predicament. To get him back, you’re going to have to dive into the Glade of Echoes.

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Destiny 2 - Nessus: Six

Level Recommendation: Power Rating 100

Beginning atop a platform on Nessus, follow your waypoint into a cistern found on the right hand side as you’re walking forward. 

Within here, you’ll come across white pools of glowing liquid known as Luminance; avoid these as best you can, as they cause extended health depletion for as long you remain in contact with them. Keep heading through the cavern, avoid the pools and killing any Vex enemies as you go, and jump through the teleporter found ahead, bringing you to a Restricted Zone arena. 

This will kick off a series of wave-based fights against Vex, including Fanatics, Minotaurs, Goblins and Harpies. Stick to high ground, as Fanatics will blow up upon defeat or even close contact, and can leave you seriously vulnerable if not dealt with correctly. 

Instead, stick to the ledge on the far side of the arena and deal damage from above, jumping into the fray whenever you have your Super to speed up the process. Again, be careful of the Luminance pools, as well as the damaging residues of energy that Fanatics leave behind after death. 

Once completed, a door will open and you can head on through to find the source of the teleportation currently giving Cayde-6 a spot of bother. Interact with it and continue forward until you find yourself circled back at the cavern entrance. 

From here, you can trek through Nessus following your waypoint until you reach a large skirmish taking place between Vex and Fallen, in the middle of which is a huge Vex boss known as Acanthos. Focus as much of your fire as you can on him, as his death will clear the entire battlefield of enemies and allow you to proceed. 

The more you deplete his health, the more Acanthos will retreat up towards the far side of the battlefield, until he makes a final stand behind a wall of Vex Goblins. If you keep your distance, however, you can slowly but surely deplete his health without receiving any fatal hits from his heavy weaponry. 

With Acanthos down, push on through to the final area, where you’ll find a crashed ship riddled with Fallen and another boss - Jaliks - on the right hand side. First, get rid of Jaliks' shield with the best energy weapon you own. Once that’s down, unleash as much damage as possible with Supers, grenades and heavies to get the drop on him before he can do the same to you with his scorch canon - continually strafing to avoid any of his missiles. 

It can be a tricky skirmish, but the good news is that Jaliks leaves behind his scorch cannon after dying, leaving you free to easily wipe out the rest of the Fallen with its explosive capabilities. Be careful not to kill yourself via splash damage, of course, but once that’s finished up you can head inside the ship to meet up with Cayde and end the mission. 

And that’s that for Six! You freed Cayde and unlocked everything else that Nessus has to offer, with newly accessible planet Io being the next stop on the Destiny 2 campaign, starting with the next mission - Sacrilege.

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Next mission - Io: Sacrilege

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