Deep Silver will be at E3, but Metro and Dead Island won't

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Koch Media will be making an announcement at E3 2021 during the Summer Game Fest, but Deep Silver clarifies what not to expect.

Deep Silver has clarified that its parent company Koch Media will be making an announcement at E3 2021 but it won't be showing anything to do with Dead Island 2, Metro, Saints Row, or even Timesplitters. The Koch Media event was confirmed earlier this week to be happening on June 11 as part of Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest.

Deep Silver also explained that the company wouldn't be making any announcements on the mentioned titles at any other E3 event, but will let us know when it has news to share. It does invite fans to head to a website sneakily titled 'We know something you don't know' to watch the announcement and says, "We can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to their news!" The site itself doesn't contain anything that hints at what it could be, it's just a broken Twitch embed for now.

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With expectations being set by the company, that just leaves us wondering what exactly could be revealed. It's a shame we won't be seeing anything on Dead Island 2. The sequel was originally meant to launch back in 2015, however, the game is still in production and appears to be an Epic Games Store exclusive. Last year, a new Metro game was announced, and is said to be running on a new engine.

There have also been rumors of Saints Row 5 surrounding E3, but now we know not to expect it. Saints Row The Third Remastered is at least confirmed to be heading to Xbox Series X and PS5. As for Timesplitters, a new game is in the works with several former leads who worked on the original. Former Free Radical founder Steve Ellis said in a statement that "we look forward to sharing information in the future" but apparently that information isn't going to be at E3.

Maybe the announcement could be a new Maneater game, maybe it's something Chivilary 2-related, or perhaps it's one of Deep Silver and THQ Nordic's 69 unannounced titles that are in the works.

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