Death's Door to be revealed this weekend with a story about a soul-reaping crow

Death's Door key art
(Image credit: Devolver DIgital)

Death's Door, a quirky indie from Devolver Digital, will be getting a release date this weekend. 

Devolver Digital announced that it is publishing Death's Door and is slated to release this year. A more precise release date is being revealed this weekend during the Devolver Digital showcase at E3 2021. The game from developer Acid Nerve lets players control a crow that reaps souls for a living. That is until a soul the crow is assigned to get stolen and the hunt for the thief begins.

The trailer shows off stylistic and gloomy-looking cutscenes before moving to the isometric and action-packed gameplay. From the looks of it, there will be a lot of giant beasts and demi-gods to defeat and colorful characters to meet as you can see in the character montage on the main website. As players go deeper into the story, they'll uncover a dark narrative and secrets.

Death's Door will allow players to make use of melee weapons, arrows, and magic. The gameplay shown highlights some of these attacks with some of them looking devastating. It's also odd to see a crow wielding a sword as well. It's detailed that "mistakes are punished and victory is rewarded" and that there are character stats and abilities to upgrade as your progress. Death's Door is to launch on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. It'll also be optimized for Xbox Series X with 4K Ultra HD and 60fps being supported.

Devolver Digital's showcase this weekend doesn't have any further confirmations as to what to expect to be revealed. However, in its E3 announcement, viewers think they've spotted "Hotline Miami 3" on an out-of-focus whiteboard which if true, could mean a new iteration in the bloody and violent series. Fall Guys is also on the way to Xbox and Nintendo Switch so we'll probably see something about that as well as a new season. 

We'll also probably see something more from the reverse city-building title Terra Nil. The showcase will be taking place on the same day as the Guerrilla Collective, Ubisoft Forward, and Gearbox Entertainment showcases.

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