Devolver Digital E3 press conference set for June 12

Devolver Digital
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Devolver Digital E3 press conference is set to return later this month and is teasing the return of a fan-favorite franchise in the form of Hotline Miami 3. 

It seems that the indie publisher has now set its flag, joining the likes of Microsoft and Nintendo who have already outlined their conference plans. In a tweet, Devolver Digital said: “The future begins again on June 12.” The image appears to feature Mahria Zook, who has presented the show in previous years.

For eagle-eyed readers or just those who can read blurry text, you might see a tease at one of the brand’s biggest franchises hidden in the picture that accompanied the tweet. 

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

In the top left corner, it looks like the red writing might say 'Hotline Miami' 3 followed by another harder-to-read line. 

Now, it’s hard to say exactly what this might mean. It could of course be a straight tease of an imminent announcement at the conference. That being said Devolver Digital could also just be trolling expectant gamers who are desperate for a new entry in the franchise. That certainly would be within their humor. Or maybe it’s a double bluff. It’s impossible to say what the significance of this tease is until we finally see the press conference. 

While it’s not known what games the publisher plans to bring, they do have an impressive string of franchises to pull from including Shadow Warrior, Absolver, Reigns, Exit the Gungeon, and a whole load more. 

Devolver always brings chaotic energy to the E3 press conference proceedings and are a welcome shift of tone compared to other straight-laced media briefings. Last year, the publisher even brought a playable version of E3 with its ‘marketing simulator’ Devolverland which allowed players to explore an abandoned convention centre and check out upcoming games.

Whether Hotline Miami 3 does make an appearance or not, the publisher has an incredible knack of finding distinct titles with a lot of attitude and flair that always makes checking out what they are bringing to the table worth it.

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