Dean Devlin: movie director

After years of labouring as a writer and producer on the likes of Stargate, Independence Day and (shh) Godzilla, Dean Devlin finally stepped out of his partnership with Roland Emmerich to produce movies on his own.

With his first attempt, Flyboys ready for release and another of his films, sci-fi thriller Isobar ready to shoot, Devlin has announced that his next step will be into the director’s club, where the megaphones are handed out at the door, and the production assistants are always ready with fresh mocha.

His choice for directorial debut? Why, an effects-packed paranormal thriller, of course! You were expecting perhaps a touching, micro-budgeted tale of a small horse with big dreams of getting to the other end of a wet field?

Nope, Devlin will handle Ghosting, a tale of undercover cop investigators who have their hearts stopped so that they can travel between the lands of the living and the dead to solve crimes. Written by Jesse Alexander (who wrote Eight Legged Freaks for Devlin), the script sees a crippled cop join up to work with the team. The film kicks off shooting early next year.