Deadpool wants you to #TouchYourselfTonight to check for cancer

Deadpool's marketing team has gone above and beyond to promote Marvel's merc with a mouth, and today, they've expanded into public service announcement territory. Twentieth Century Fox has partnered with UK charity organization Ballboys to dish out some helpful advice for men: touch yourself - you know, to check for cancer.

And if you need a little guidance on proper technique (or just want to hear what Deadpool calls his testicles), there's also this NSFW vid:

All dirtiness aside, this is kind of a brilliant PSA that fits with the character. Testicular cancer is highest among men ages 15-35, which is incidentally the demographic Deadpool has historically targeted. Plus, Wade Wilson (Deadpool's civilian name) became the anti-hero he is after being diagnosed with cancer and seeking out treatment. Only, where Wilson decided to trust a shady guy in a black suit that promised superpowers, maybe you should stick with talking to your doctor.

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Sam Prell

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