Dead Space 2 log locations guide


Audio Log: After you use the corpse to get past the security checkpoint, continue straight before turning right to find this audio log.

Audio Log: On the floor behind this counter near the kitchen exit.

Audio Log: In the room with the Stalkers, you’ll find this log near the center, by the two yellow lockers.

Audio Log: Here in the room after you cross over the top of the rotating lasers.

Audio Log: Here in this corner of the lowest level of the three-level section. Now watch out for the Brute…

Text Log: Soon after defeating the Brute you’ll enter a room with a store and a save station. On the yellow counter to your right you’ll find a text log.

Audio Log: On the counter opposite the text log there lies an audio log. It’s hiding behind a helmet.


Audio Log: After you escape the Ubermorph for the first time, you’ll find this in the hallway.

Audio Log: Here in the center of this room near the desk at the window.


Text Log: Just before you enter the cargo lift there’ll be a text log at your feet.

Jan 26, 2011