Dead Space 2 log locations guide


Text Log: As soon as Ch. 4 begins, head left (opposite the objective marker), enter the door, and hang an immediate right. Enter that door and you be inside the kiosk looking out into the room you began the chapter in. Grab the log in here.

Text Log: If you continue up the stairs, past the room with a save point, bench, and shop, you’ll find the Reading Room. Just inside on a desk is this log.

Audio Log: In the kiosk opposite to the one you found the first text log in.

Text Log: When you enter the Indoctrination area seen above, head right and go through the door next to the TV...

Above: Inside here you’ll find a text log.


Text Log: Upon entering the third cyro area, immediately walk forward and you can grab this log through the wall.

Text Log: On the gravity controls console, right in front of you when you enter the multi-level room with the gravity core.


Audio Log: When you enter the zero-g room with the raging fire, float up to the second level balcony to find this audio log.

Text Log: On this desk near a save station, found soon after your first couple of encounters with Crawlers.

Text Log: After exiting the gymnasium, you’ll probably spot this log through the window on your right as you head down the hall. Turn right and enter the room to pick up the log.


Text Log: When you run into the hologram, turn right. Inside one of the bedrooms you’ll see this log left of the bed.

Text Log: After you deal with the Crawlers in the large room with the breakable window, head into this side room. Along with a Statis Recharger and a hackable console, you’ll find this text log in a locker.

Text Log: Soon after you deal with the mainframe you’ll see a save station on the far wall. To the left of that is a locked closet. Use a power node to get inside and grab this log.