Dead Space 2 log locations guide


Audio Log: Soon after the beginning of Chapter 8 you’ll find yourself in a room with a save station. This log is to the right.

Audio Log: When you see the poster pictured above, turn left to find an audio log lying on the floor near the window.


Audio Log: Once you enter the room marked Fuel Pressurization Control 2 (just after the Crawler ambush) walk to the back to find this audio log.

Audio Log: When you come across these traps on your right, use kinesis to fling an object into them and disarm them. Walk past where they were and turn right. Use kinesis to move the crates and reveal an audio log and a schematic.

Audio Log: Soon after the tram ride with Ellie and Stross you’ll come across this room with a bunch of Cysts. Check the left wall for an audio log laying right near a corpse. Just watch out for the Stalkers.


Text Log: Near the first save station of the chapter you’ll come across a door blocked by stuff you can move using kinesis, as seen above. Once through, the text log is right in front of you. Usually you drop logs in the toilet. Hey ohh!

Audio Log: Go through the door to the right of where you found the above text log. Turn left once inside and you’ll come across this log near the toilet.

Audio Log: After the save station you’ll have a choice whether to go right (the objective) or left. Go left and follow the hallway to the locked elevator to find this log.

Audio Log: Inside the elevator just after the area with a save station and store. Impossible to miss. If you’ve been following this guide, the log will count as your 100th, and the achievement/trophy will be unlocked.

Audio Log: Soon after navigating the busted tram tracks in zero-g, you’ll enter a large open area with several lone crates strewn about. Hug the left wall upon entering this big room and go into the first door you see. Through it lies a bench and an audio log.


Audio Log: Floating near a corpse, right at the beginning of Chapter 11.

Audio Log: Err, ‘dropped’ by Stross when you stomp his corpse into pieces.

Audio Log: Before you call the lift (or before you ride it up) in the area pictured above, make sure to use kinesis and grab this audio log from the other side.

No logs in Chapter 12.