Dead Space 2 log locations guide

The Sprawl can be a very quiet place. Too quiet. Fortunately, there are a ton of audio logs lying around to keep Isaac from losing it. Listening the woes of the deceased may make it more difficult to hear the pitter-patter of Necromorph footsteps, but at least you’ll be working toward the Librarian achievement/trophy and uncovering a little more of the gruesome back story.

Even though you only need 100 logs for the achievement, we’ll still show you where to find way more than that… ‘cause we’re just awesome like that. Also, all story-related audio snippets count toward your total, so in actuality there are fewer than 50 to find throughout the game. Happy hunting!

This should go without saying but...


Audio Log: Soon after exiting the elevator you’ll find a dark room full of dead crew. Exit on the other side of the room and turn right to find this log.

Text Log: In a room to the left of this burning barricade.

Text Log: In the room where Isaac is ambushed after the doors close, you can find this log on the desk just to the right of the power node.

Text Log: Upon entering the room where you pick up the stasis ability, you’ll see this log on the floor to your right.

Text Log: On the floor of the gift shop, found just after stepping off the elevator.


Audio Log: Right in front of you next to the corpse once Chapter 2 begins.

Text Log: At the end of the room with a conveyor belt, there is a maintenance closet that can be unlocked at the cost of one power node. If you don’t have one, just go through the door to left of the closet and you’ll find one on the ground…

Above: Inside the maintenance closet you’ll find a text log.

Text Log: From the terrace, enter the east wing. At the end of the hall, you’ll see this text log on the ground near a chair.


Text Log: Upon entering the mall area with the giant rotating Lightspeed Boy Statue (dismembered above for the achievement) turn left and you’ll see this text log near the entrance to “Bold Stylings.”

Text Log: From the mall area, enter the Unitology resource center (you objective marker leads you here) and turn right to find this log.

Text Log: Just after exiting the elevator, look here on the desk.

Text Log: Soon after an elevator ride, you’ll get the “objective complete” text on screen for reaching the Cassini Residential Center, and be facing this room. Once you step inside, a bunch of these little buggers will emerge. After you kill them, look to the left of the doorway leading into this room for a text log resting on a dresser.