Dead Rising 2 Combo Card Weapon Guide

Location of Card:
This is obtained by giving Katey a toy.

Location of Components:
The air horn requires you to have a pylon (traffic cone) and some spray paint. These can be found:

Pylons can be found either in the safe room, near the exit to the city at large, or outside on almost every map. A bit of careful looking will almost always reveal one pylon that can be used.

Spray paint can be found all over the place really, especially the green variety, but a bunch of it can be found right out of the safe house by going to In the Closet, the record store. There’s an infinite pile of the stuff right there waiting to be grabbed.

Descriptions of Weapons:
By holding the button down you will blow the horn, building up a surge in any zombies that stuns them and finally causes their heads to explode. You can easily turn in a circle, pushing back nearby zombies while focusing on one direction will cause the spectacular head explosions. This is one of the lamer weapons in that the deaths aren’t particularly interesting nor is the item particularly deadly. Overall it’s interesting to use once before never touching it again.

Notes: Interesting but useless.

Rating: 1/5


Location of Card:
Gotten by leveling up somewhere between levels 20 - 30

Location of Components:
By combining a Drill Motor with a Pitchfork you get this beast.

Drill Motors can be gotten by going to a number of out of the way locations but the most reliable one is in the Palisades Mall. From the maintenance room in the south west head towards the slot machines and jump on top of the first island to find it. The rest involve getting into the upper areas of the BBQ House in the Food Court by jumping on vending machines and the like so are very hard to get without risking life and limb.

You can get a Pitchfork or two by going to the Food Court and looking for a store called the BBQ Shack. Other ones will spawn into some of the mall locations but these are usually a bit tougher to find although one notable one is in the Palisades Mall. This is found by going to the southwest part of the mall, near the escalators. It’s sticking in the dirt of a large plant.

Descriptions of Weapons:
The Augur is an absolute beast when it comes to tearing through the zombie hordes. Every swing of this thing will tear down every zombie in its path, cutting through them in almost laughably short order. Unfortunately when it comes to the faster gas zombies, Looters or psychopaths the weapon is either too slow or it doesn’t deal enough damage to actually be of much use. If you could stash it in your inventory then it’d be a great thing to keep on hand but it can’t so its use is limited.

Notes: Good for clearing crowds but little else.

Rating: 3/5

Location of Card:
Acquiredby leveling up somewhere between levels 20 - 30

Location of Components:
For this one you’re going to need a construction hat and a bottle of beer.

The Construction Hat can be found by going to the South Plaza, pretty much the only place in the entire of Fortune City where apparently you can find these things. Look around on the floor or on top of boxes and the shelves here to find one of these.

Beer can be found all over Fortune City but most notably in any of the bar areas. A good supply of liquor and beer can be found in the Food Court although searching around the adult areas labeled Drink is still your best bet. Amusingly enough you can find a whole lot of beer by going to the construction area in the South Plaza. Guess those construction guys weren’t working a whole lot.

Descriptions of Item:
The Beer Hat is probably one of the best combo items in the game. It is one of the few healing items you can carry around that has multiple uses, taking up only one spot in the inventory at that. When used it restores two blocks of health making those ten uses all the more valuable. Unfortunately its main drawback is that if used too many times in a short time Chuck will end up vomiting, much like drinking too many individual alcohol items would. This is a serious drawback since it means that it cannot be your only healing item on hand but it doesn’t entirely devalue its usefulness. Also since books don’t increase its effectiveness this too hinders its effectiveness a bit.

Notes: A very helpful and reliable item.

Rating: 3/5

Location of Card:
In the Food Court you will find the Cucina Donnacci Italian Restaurant. Look nearby for a poster for the movie “Revenginator 7” to acquire this.

Location of Components:
As the name implies this is comprised of a Bow and Arrow combined with Dynamite.

To get a Bow and Arrow make your way to the Food Court between the Yucatan Casino and Slot Ranch Casino. Climb on top of the Hamburger Fiefdom to find this there. You can also find two bows by going into The Chieftains Hut, located in Royal Flush Plaza.

Dynamite isacquired by going to Royal Flush Plaza and make your way to the Fortune Plaza exit. Just before the exit doors are some trees near the stairs that go up to the second level. Go up, jump onto the palm tree and pick up the two pieces. They can also be found inside some of the maintenance rooms although this is uncommon, notably being present in the maintenance room on the second floor of Palisades Mall.

Descriptions of Weapons:
Now this is one hell of a weapon. The Blambow is kind of like a rocket launcher in bow form. You fire an arrow, it sticks in a target and then blows everything in the area the hell up. Any zombies that are in the zone of this explosion are basically blown to pieces so you can guarantee that it’s going to clear a crowd. Plus, unlike the Rocket Launcher, it can be stashed in your inventory which means that a high level Chuck can carry around a bunch of them with him. Even better than that is the fact that each arrow fired from this will stun any psychopath in its radius meaning repeated arrows will stun enemies constantly and stop them from fighting back.

Notes: Great in most every situation except tight quarters.

Rating: 4/5

Location of Card:
During day 3 you will have the ability to speak to some men from Tape It or Die. On day 4 at 9am you will receive a case to rescue these schmucks. Get them back to the safe house for this combo card.

Location of Components:
For this one you’re going to need a Tiki Torch and a Tennis Raquet.

Tiki Torches can be gotten from a few very specific locations. The watery bar area in the center of the Palisades Mall has a pair of them. More can be found around the area where you encounter Ted and Snowflake in the Yucatan Casino.

Tennis Racquet can be picked up from sporting good stores, like KokoNutz, but are also occasionally found lying around. Check around the lounge areas of the mall, often where there are couches, to find one of these lying around.

Descriptions of Weapons:
Taping a Tiki Torch to a Tennis Raquet to create a flaming raquet and then batting gasoline soaked balls at enemies? Genius! Actually using this beast in combat? Yeah, not so much. While it is rather impressive to watch the balls bouncing around and set zombies on fire left and right it’s not really all that effective. If you’d like to rack up a bunch of kills with it find some large groups and bat a bunch of balls into their midst to set the whole lot of them on fire.

Notes: Dangerous but more of a novelty

Rating: 2/5

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