Dead Rising 2 Combo Card Weapon Guide

With Dead Rising 2 finally shambling to consoles worldwide we thought that it would be fun, and exceptionally gory, to track down all of the various combination items it has to offer. Our new protagonist, Chuck Greene, is quite a handyman with duct tape and boy oh boy does he have some nice toys for you to use against that zombie horde. From paddles with chainsaws on each end a la Darth Maul to motorcycles with uh… chainsaws on the handles there are plenty of fun and creative ways to slaughter the undead. We've also taken the liberty of rating each weapon and providing strategies for the best way to use them.

There are two types of Combo Cards; scratch cards and actual cards. The scratch cards are essentially just instructions on how to put the item together. The actual card will give you a 2x PP bonus whenever you use that weapon as well as tell you about any special abilities that item has. This allows you to level up incredibly fast by focusing on using these weapons to rake in the experience at a surprising rate.

Note: Weapons are listed alphabetically, with the exception of the Case Zero weapons which are on their own page.

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