DC Comics' Vixen is coming to Arrow and here's the first official image

It's taken four seasons, but Vixen is finally (if briefly) joining the cast of Arrow – and The CW has released the first official shot of the character, played by Megalyn Echikunwoke, primed and ready for action. Check out the full image below...

In a Catwoman-esque bodysuit Echikunwoke looks every bit as badass as you'd hope in the role, which she first stepped into for the animated series of Vixen – also opposite Arrow lead Stephen Amell – last year. “When I started thinking about [her character], it really felt right and made sense because I do sometimes live in this fantasy world where I am a hero and I help people,” she told DC Comics' website after landing that part. “I do feel like sometimes just in my regular life, I am called upon to be the strong one and the heroic one.”

“One of the things we’ve been exploring this season is, how does Oliver deal with magic, specifically with Damien," executive producer Wendy Mericle told Screen Crush. “[Vixen] comes in for a very high-stakes, amazing episode."

For those unaware of Arrow world canon outside of the TV show, Vixen (real name Mari McCabe) uses the powers of a Tantu Totem to take on the abilities of any animal. For now her appearance – and wolf-like skill-set – are a one-and-done deal, but should the show's producers need ideas for season five, Vixen once channelled a sabre-tooth tiger in her comic book series. And a triceratops. Alright, maybe forget that one.

Starring Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy, season four of Arrow is currently available on The CW in North America and Sky 1 in the UK. The Vixen episode goes out on 24 February.

Image: Warner Bros

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