Days after Troy Baker said he's not in GTA 6, sleuths believe they’ve identified the real actor behind protagonist 'Jason'

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GTA 6 sleuths think they've uncovered the identity of the actor behind its male protagonist.

Rockstar's fans have been trying to deduce the identities of the actors behind its dual protagonists ever since the first GTA 6 trailer dropped last year. So far, there's been no official word on the actors behind Lucia and her unnamed male partner, but that hasn't stopped fans from trying to figure out who's behind the pair.

Now, we might have an idea of who's portraying the male lead. Reddit users have identified New York-based actor Gregory Connors as an actor who could be behind the character many have dubbed 'Jason,' because his resume listed a 'Lead' role in a Rockstar game set to release next year in 2025.

This currently lines up with Rockstar's plans for its next game - GTA 6 is still slated to release next year in 2025, although one report recently claimed that release date could potentially slip to 2026, as Rockstar is attempting to get all its workers back in offices for the final stretch of development.

At the time of writing, however, it appears Connors has removed the 'Lead' descriptor from his resume. Obviously, Connors playing GTA 6's protagonist is all speculation right now, but it appears the actor at least has a sizeable role in Rockstar's highly anticipated new game.

The hunt for GTA 6's actors has been so intense over the past few months that some actors have even had to publicly deny their involvement with the game. Just earlier this week for example, Troy Baker said he wasn't the voice behind GTA 6's Jason, but he wished the best of luck to whoever had bagged the part, and that they deserve to get recognition for their work.

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