Dark Souls 3 streamer studies for 10 hours every time they die

Dark Souls 3
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

A high schooler playing Dark Souls 3 in Japan is taking desperate measures to beat their upcoming exams.

Yesterday on February 28, the tweet seen just below gained a lot of popularity from a Japanese audience, appearing to highlight a Dark Souls 3 livestream. A localizer on Twitter thankfully translated the whole tweet, revealing that a high school student in Japan is streaming their first playthrough of Dark Souls 3, but every time they die, they have to study for 10 consecutive hours.

There's a very good reason for this. The translator reveals that this student is actually trying to get into a top university in Japan, and with competition red hot for places in top colleges around the country, this student is taking an extra step to try and guarantee their place, spurring on their revision by meeting an untimely demise in Dark Souls 3.

That's not to say they're dying on purpose, though. Unfortunately, the streamer doesn't keep an on-demand section for their past livestreams, so you'll have to keep an eye on their NicoVideo profile if you actually want to catch them in action. The whole thing seems like a brilliant, high-concept ordeal though. Viewers in chat keep typing "YOU STUDY" every time the "You Died" text flashes up on the screen.

Perhaps we'll see this player eventually return to streaming other FromSoftware games like this in the future, when they're in need of an extra big dose of motivation. An Elden Ring playthrough in this style would make for a fascinating watch. Here's hoping someone takes on the game in a similarly bananas fashion at some point soon.

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