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Dark Souls 2 Covenants guide

Heirs of the Sun


This is found in Harvest Valley just before entering Earthen Peak. As you head up the slope into the peak interior, you'll pass by some windmill blades. Take the left path under the blades into a narrow passageway. Take out the enemy around the right corner, the continue down the path to the Sunlight Altar. Kneel here to join the covenant.

Ranking Up

Heirs to the Sun are focused on co-op. When summoned into another player's world, their goal is to help them take down a boss. Every victory earns them a Sunlight Medal.

  • Rank 1: Collect and offer 10 Sunlight Medals.
  • Reward: Sunlight Parma
  • Rank 2: Collect and offer 20 Sunlight Medals.
  • Reward: Sun Sword
  • Rank 3: Collect and offer 30 Sunlight Medals.
  • Reward: Sunlight Spear
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