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Dark Souls 2 Covenants guide

Brotherhood of Blood


After defeating the Executioner's Chariot, you'll have access to the Undead Purgatory bonfire. Standing near it is Titchy Gren, who will only engage you in conversation if you have a Token of Spite in your inventory. Speak to him when you do, answer "yes" to all of his questions, and he'll let you into the Brotherhood of Blood.

Ranking Up

If you've joined the Brotherhood of Blood, then you probably love killing other players; it's what they do. Their goal is to invade other players' worlds via Cracked Red Eye Orbs, as well as fending off any Blue Phantoms coming after them in revenge. They can also use the statues near the Undead Purgatory bonfire to enter one-on-one fights with other players of the same covenant.

  • Rank 1: Win 50 matches in the arena or kill 50 hosts/Blue Phantoms.
  • Reward: Curved Twinblade
  • Rank 2: Win 150 matches in the arena or kill 150 hosts/Blue Phantoms.
  • Reward: Crescent Sickle
  • Rank 3: Win 500 matches in the arena or kill 500 hosts/Blue Phantoms.
  • Reward: Great Chaos Fireball
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