All the best Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together mission choices for Barry

Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together
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The Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together mission's best dialogue choices for Barry are the blue options that emphasize compassion and understanding, not just the main standard yellow options that proceed to the end. Barry and the cops are in a tense situation after it turns out that Barry has locked himself in his home after the death of his friend Andrew, but the right dialogue choices will help talk him down and ensure his safety. If that's important to you, here's everything you need to know about the Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together mission, and how to get the best ending for Barry, for the cops, and for you.

Obviously, this guide contains spoilers for the Happy Together mission. If you don't want to know how it ends, don't read on past this message.

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Best Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together mission choices and dialogue

Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

When you knock on Barry's door and finally get a response from him, he opens the door so you can enter and talk with him about his troubles. He tells you all about how Andrew was the only person he could spill his guts to without ever being judged, but Petrova and Mendez – the two cops from before – didn't understand. In order to get the good ending, you need to explore all dialogue options here and not just rush through the yellow choices. Listen to Barry and try to understand what he's feeling.

When you've finished talking to Barry, you have the option to find his niche at the columbarian before talking to the cops, which is essential if you want to get the good ending for this mission. Head over to the columbarian on the east side of Night City and have a look around for Barry's niche. It's to the right-hand side of the entrance, a couple of rows back. Read it and you'll learn that Andrew was actually... a tortoise.

Obviously, losing a pet is an awful experience, but now you have two options. You need to return to Petrova and Mendez, but you can either choose to tell them the truth about Andrew, or lie to them and not disclose the truth about Barry's friend. For the good ending, you must tell them the truth.

If you're honest with the officers, Mendez finally understands what a prick he's been, and the pair realise they need to talk to Barry. They go back and knock on his door, to persuade Barry to finally open his door. In they go after an anecdote from Mendez, and that's that. The mission is complete and you earn some eddies in the process.

If you do lie to the officers, then the mission has a much grimmer reward. Barry ends up killing himself, succumbing to his depression. It's quite a dark ending, so make sure you do everything you can to prevent that from happening.

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