Should you punch Fingers in Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 Fingers
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The Cyberpunk 2077 punching Fingers choice is a very tempting one, but doing so will cut him off as a Ripperdoc and stop you from buying from him for the rest of the game. Whether that's a price worth paying is arguably up to the player - Fingers does have some high-end stock - but it will permanently cut him off as a vendor unless you're willing to reload a save from before punching him. However, we'll go into more detail below about what you can get and lose from hitting him, and the overall consequences for punching Fingers in Cyberpunk 2077.

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Should you punch Fingers in Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

Once you start interrogating Fingers, you will have several opportunities to punch Fingers. Now, while you are free to finish this section however you want in terms of consequences, if you harm Fingers in any way, you'll lose access to his ripperdoc clinic for the entirety of the game. As unpleasant as he is, he does have some unique gear, and some of that unique gear is pretty good - so if you're big on body mods, it might hurt to take him out of your rollerdex.

To punch or not to punch? It's 100% up to you. 

Whatever you do won't steer the conversation whatsoever, as you'll still be able to get access to the information you need to find Evelyn with Judy. It's all linked to the fact that she's been sold off to make illegal braindances, so you'll need to track down a rare Death's Head braindance next to search for clues. It's just whether you want to leave Fingers standing when you leave with Judy or not. 

If it helps you decide, here's a list of Fingers' stock (bolded items are only sold at his store):

  • CataResist (uncommon, rare and legendary, all increase all resistances by 13%-35%, depending on the model)
  • Detoxifier (Makes V immune to poisons)
  • Fortified Ankles (allows players to perform super-jumps)
  • Inductor
  • Monowire Battery, Low Capacity (increases monowire damage 10%)
  • Pain Editor (reduces incoming damage 10%)
  • QianT Sandevistan Mk. 4 (slows down time and increases damage - though a superior Mk. 5 is available at the Downtown RipperDoc)
  • Sensory Amplifier
  • Slow Rotor (increases Mantis Blade attack speed by 20%)
  • Crafting Spec - Explosive Round
  • Crafting Spec - Monowire Battery, Low-Capacity
  • Crafting Spec - Slow Rotor

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