Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain core and choices in the Don't Lose Your Mind mission

cyberpunk 2077 delamain
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The Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain Don't Lose Your Mind job choices around the Delamain Core all provide the same reward, but changes a certain supporting character from that point on. Delamain, the taxi-operating AI, has a bunch of rogue AI out in Night City, each one operating cars without him. Delamain wants them brought back, but then there'll be a choice relating to the Delamain Core itself - the central device on which all the AI are stored. Depending on what you do in Cyberpunk 2077  Don't Lose Your Mind job, and how you handle the Delamain Core, you can see one of three outcomes - though they're not all hugely different. We'll run you through each of them, and where to find the rogue AI taxis, is an easy-to-understand walkthrough below.

Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain Epistrophy mission

cyberpunk 2077 delamain

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You'll initially encounter the Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain AI as a taxi service right at the start of the game during the Heist mission with Jackie. At that point he's just a capable computer program running a prestigious car service. However, you'll also meet him again later, during the mission Human Nature when a divergent AI taxi wrecks your car. When that happens Delamain will message you to apologise and call you into his headquarters.  

Go to meet him and he'll call you into his control room and explain that a number of his AI taxis have gone rogue and are currently lost in the city. He'll task you with finding and returning them, seven in all, with a payment for each one you recover. They'll all appear as a separate mission in your journal and you can track them individually to find the general area you need to search. You can find them in these areas: 

  • The Glen
  • Badlands
  • Northside
  • Rancho Coronado
  • North Oak
  • Coastview
  • Wellspring

There's no real trick to doing this, just poke around the area highlighted on the map and when you get close enough a marker should pop. Delamain will also call you if you're passing through an area with a taxi to let you know. When you find one just drive up to the car to trigger the next stage. There's a range of things that can happen here - some will try to escape and you'll have to chase them, a few need to be talked to and some will have a task. Just follow the prompts and when you're done the taxi will head back to HQ and Delamain will thank you and pay you for your trouble.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain Don't Lose Your Mind mission  endings and what to do with the core

cyberpunk 2077 delamain

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A little while after you return all the Delamain AI, daddy Delamain will contact you because he's in trouble, mentioning a virus. When you head back to his headquarters you'll find all the automated machinery has run wild, creating a gauntlet of lasers and attacking drones to get past. The overall goal is to reach the control room. The optional objectives to do so by passing through various areas doesn't affect anything so it's up to you if you want to take the long way around. 

When you reach the control room you'll have three options relating to fixing the Delamain core: destroy it to free the different AIs, reset it and Delamain to factory settings, or merge all the Delamain AIs together. Here's what each option gets you: 

  • Destroy the core to liberate the divergent Delamains - Shooting the core instead of interacting with it will – as you'd expect – destroy the main Delamain personality. All the other Delamain personalities will be free to escape the garage and drive around Night City, but one vehicle will be left for you in the garage. Get in and you'll discover that Excelsior is the AI in this vehicle, which is the VIP program that saved your life much earlier in the story, if you can remember that far. This taxi is yours to keep now and will be added to your stash of vehicles.
  • Reset the core to restore the original Delamain - If you reset Delamian, you'll destroy all of his alt personalities and return him to factory settings. He'll forget everything you've experienced with him so far (including Jackie, sob), but he does gift you a car from the Delamain fleet. If you later drive around in it, Delamain will start asking you questions about learning more about human nature. You can offer to help him and it opens up some pretty comical dialogue options as you drive around Night City.
  • Hack the core to merge all of the Delamains (requires 10 Intelligence) - This will cause Delamain to ascend to higher state of being. He leaves, saying he has to go 'home' and that he can no longer stay in the city. In return for your help he leaves you his 'first true child', a Delamain taxi of your very own with a Delamain Jr AI inside. 

Essentially, whatever happens, the Delamain Epistrophy mission thread will reward you with cash for each taxi you find, another, bigger, payout at the end and then a car to own that you can summon like your other vehicles. The only thing that changes is the personality of the car and whether or not you please or upset Johnny.

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